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News and Projects

On this page we'd like to inform you about news and some completed projects


Conversion / expansion of a packaging house for onions, shallots, garlic etc. in the West of Europe.

Until recently this company has packed its products by means of conventional wire clippers into net bags. With the installation of our first GKV 6800 ultrasonic net sealing automats in Scandinavia the conversion started with this customer too, the first wire clippers have been replaced with our GKV 6800. In the meantime the tremendously successful marketing of the new packaging made it necessary to further expand the packaging capacities of our customer. To achieve this we have installed a new "production block". Such a block consists of 2 high performance multihead weighers and 4 GKV 6800 ultrasonic net sealing automats, with diverse accessories like stand and platform, feeding conveyors, printer and feeder for PE-labels, tube loader and so on.



Project:  Manufacturing and installation of a new production plant for fat balls in the heart of  Europe.

In co-operation with our partners GK INDUSTRIES GMBH has built up a completely new production plant for 90g fat balls. This includes the production of the mixture, the production of the fat balls and the bagging of the balls not only into net but also into foil. A lot of additional equipment, like counters and a fully automatic placing unit in addition with a tray spender (to feed the flow wrap machine), has been delivered to complete the line. The plant has been planed in a way that it can be extended with a second line easily.

Packstation 1


Project:  Manufacturing and installation of a new production plant for fat balls and wild bird feeding seeds in Germany.

In co-operation with the Hauschild company GK INDUSTRIES GMBH has built up a completely new production plant for fat balls in different sizes, starting from the conception until the final installation. We also have delivered machines for the production of feeding sticks, peanut bags and sunflower seeds

GKV 6500 VA

Project:  Automatic packaging of fresh chicken parts into extruded net with ultrasonic sealing.

The task was to integrate an automatic packaging machine (for fresh chicken) into an existing, semi-automatic chicken cutting plant.  We have realized this task with our unique GKV 6500 SST Ultrasonic Net Sealing Machine. This machine is especially protected against shower  water  and is easily to maintain and to clean thru its extricable sealing unit.

GKV 6500 VA - Verschließeinheit

GKV 6500 VA - Auffangklappe

Automatic Fat Ball Placer

GKV 4000/7

Special machine for the completion of a fully automatic packaging plant. Shown on the photo is the new GKV 4000/7 designed for fat balls, in combination with a horizontal form-fill-seal machine. The already netted single balls are being fed automatically in batches of 4, 6 or 8 pieces into the empty compartments of the form-fill-seal machine. Works also in combination with an automatic tray dispenser. Communicates via PLC with the automatic, multi-conveyor feeding system.


GKV 6000


Manufacturing and installation of a special, customized ultrasonic net sealing machine GKV 6000 as well as different additional units like the automatic net tube loader GKV 3300.

The machines have been integrated into the production plant of a well known chocolate manufacturer in the southern part of Germany for the packaging of different kinds of chocolate figures into PE net bags. The automat is able to produce different bag sizes, the thermo transfer printer is being used to print PE wineglass labels and feed them to the sealing unit where they are being welded to the bags.



GKV 6000



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