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Special Machines and Equipment

It pretty often happens, that the requirements of our customers regarding the packaging, the kind of product supply or product handling, or the conceptual realization of the complete plant can't be fulfilled with standard equipment.  Necessary in this case are special solutions with correspondent adjustments to the product requirement.
We at Gekupack are able to work out suitable solutions for our customers packaging problems. We plan, manufacture and deliver complete packaging lines, exactly tailored to our customers needs.
The following photos show some projects realized by us.

Automatic Fat Ball Placer

GKV 4000/7

Special machine for the completion of a fully automatic packaging plant. Shown on the photo is the new GKV 4000/7 designed for fat balls, in combination with a horizontal form-fill-seal machine. The already netted single balls are being fed automatically in batches of 4, 6 or 8 pieces into the empty compartments of the form-fill-seal machine. Works also in combination with an automatic tray dispenser. Communicates via PLC with the automatic, multi-conveyor feeding system.



Controlled sorting station

Shown on the photo is a controlled sorting station for the completion of a fully automatic packaging plant for fat balls. The balls, coming out of the ultrasonic net sealing machines, are being inspected by a person for quality and fed automatically into the feeding automat GKV 4000.


Gekupack  Special Machine for Candy
Counting and Packaging

This plant is being used to count and pack chocolate bags with mixed content. The counting unit can be adjusted to count different candy parts in a free selectable  quantity. The counted portions then are being transferred thru a controlled flap system into the compartments of a special feeding conveyor. The conveyor feeds the portions into the bagging machine.



Gekupack  Special Counting Machine for Chocolate Balls / Eggs

This counting machine is equipped with 3 divided supply channels. Separately adjustable feeding velocity of the vibration channels. Counting is done by reflection photo cells with sum-totaling. Electronically controlled supply unit. Pneumatically controlled catch flaps. Special execution for the counting of chocolate balls or eggs.


GKV 6600 VA Spezial

Ultrasonic Net sealing Machine
GKV 6600 SST

The Ultrasonic Net Sealing Machine GKV 6600 SST is a special, semi automatic machine for the packaging of fresh chicken parts into extruded netting material. Equipped with a pneumatically controlled knife to separate the filled, sealed bags. Digital ultrasonic generator with automatic adjustment unit and free programmable PLC unit.



Gekupack  Special Counting Unit

The task, given by the customer, was:
count 25 fat balls in a plastic bucket,  and 50 pieces in a poly bag (both for the market in England). We have integrated our simplest counting controller in an ascending feeding conveyor, easy, cheap, efficient.


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