Industry solu­tions also for your company

Schrauben Muttern Scheiben automatisiert dosieren zählen verpacken Gekupack

Fasteners & more

Apart from food and animal feed or seeds, we can of course also offer cus­tomised solu­tions for other non-food products. For example, we are able to provide machines for counting or dosing screws, nuts and similar bulk goods for the C‑part industry.


Many cus­tomers use their machines not only for a single type of product or a fixed pack­aging size, but vary with their products, the pack­aging units or bag sizes. It is therefore clear that the flex­ib­ility of the machines is of great importance in order not to disrupt an effi­cient pack­aging process with slow con­fig­ur­ation interruptions.

Not sure if our machines are com­patible with your product?

The applic­ation areas of our solu­tions are too diverse to be presented in their entirety. So if your product is not listed or you are not sure whether your ideas can be imple­mented, then contact us now without obligation.


With well over 30 years of exper­ience in the field of pack­aging tech­nology and countless realised pro­jects, we are con­fident that we will also find the right solution for you. Simply contact us dir­ectly about your pack­aging vision, we look forward to hearing from you!