A wide range of pack­aging options for your product

As a company spe­cial­ising in pack­aging tech­nology, we would like to present you with an excerpt of selected pack­aging and labelling options that can be realised with our machines and systems. In addition to pure, par­tic­u­larly sus­tainable net and pouch pack­aging, we also offer solu­tions for pack­aging in buckets, cartons and trays. Fur­thermore, com­ponents for labelling can be integ­rated into the machines, so that we can present you with hol­istic solutions.



The sus­tain­ab­ility of pack­aging materials is increas­ingly becoming the focus of many com­panies and con­sumers — not least due to the pol­lution of the world’s oceans by waste carpets of plastic, which degrades into micro­plastics over many years and enters the cycle of many organisms. As a spe­cialised company for pack­aging tech­nology, it has always been important to us to offer custom-fit solu­tions with our machines, with which pack­aging can be designed in a more resource-friendly way. With the imple­ment­ation of ultra­sonic tech­nology in netting machines, we at Gekupack® suc­ceeded in taking a much-appre­ciated step in this dir­ection as early as 1994. Since then, we have con­tinu­ously developed our machines and the tech­no­logies we use and, as the market leader in this segment, we can now offer our cus­tomers a wide range of net pack­aging machines for various product areas from the food and non-food sectors.

Resource conservation 

Due to their woven net structure, net pack­aging is con­sid­erably less resource-intensive than pack­aging made of solid material (film) and at the same time extremely resi­lient and cost-effective.


Our net sealing machines are com­patible with various net materials — including com­postable organic nets made of PLA, which can be fully com­posted within a few weeks. 


With our ultra­sonic-based netting machines, we make it pos­sible to produce species-pure net pack­aging without foreign material and without using a wire clip, so that recyc­lab­ility is increased immensely. 

Netzverpackung Milchkapseln Kaffeekapseln Orangen mit Stegetikett
Netzverpackungen ohne Metallclip von Gekupack ultraschall Netzverpackung Netzschweißmaschine


Stand-up pouches and other pouch types are cur­rently enjoying increasing pop­ularity, and not without good reason. The variety of bag types, materials and available size com­bin­a­tions make them suitable for countless products. They offer good pro­tection against external influ­ences such as moisture or dirt and have a large surface area for designs and pack­aging inform­ation. As a spe­cialist for pack­aging machines with more than 30 years of exper­ience in the field of pack­aging tech­nology, our port­folio nat­urally also includes filling and sealing machines for various pouch types in addition to our net machines and numerous other machines for counting or weighing products. The most common bag types include stand-up bags, pressure seal bags, gus­seted bags, block-bottom bags, flat bags and tubular bags. Pack­aging can be pro­duced in a wide range of sizes — from small bags with a few dog snacks to larger feed bags with car­rying handles.


Our filling and closing systems are suitable for numerous bag variants in the various formats and are thus ideally suited for countless products — from liquid to moist products, from powdery and granular goods to irreg­u­larly shaped pieces. 

Dosage systems 

A pack­aging machine is only as fast as the bags are filled with por­tioned products. In addition to indi­vidual machines, we also offer you the appro­priate dosing units, such as counting or weighing machines for the auto­mated dosing of your products. 


Fre­quently, filling and closing machines for pouches are not only used for a firmly defined pack­aging quantity and a single product or pouch type. Our machines can therefore be quickly and flexibly adapted to changing pack­aging weights or bag formats. 

Reis im Standbodenbeutel
Süßwaren Bonbons im Standbodenbeutel


In addition to various types of bags and net pack­aging, we also offer further solu­tions for other types of pack­aging such as trays, buckets or card­board boxes. For example, we have responded to the mul­tiple demands of our long-standing cus­tomers and developed a depos­iting machine with which chunky goods, such as fat balls or onions, are auto­mat­ically counted and por­tioned into trays. We also have semi- and fully-auto­mated solu­tions for bucket or carton pack­aging that include dosing and filling as well as sealing.

Tray packs 

Our laying machine is com­patible with trays made of almost all materials, such as polypro­pylene, poly­styrene, card­board or hard paper.

Bucket packaging 

We supply semi-auto­matic and fully auto­matic pail pack­aging machines with which various products can be dosed and packaged and the pails printed or labelled on request. 

Card­board packaging 

Ana­logous to bucket pack­aging, we design solu­tions with which cartons can be filled and closed automatically. 

Schalenverpackung Maschine von GK Industries GmbH Gekupack
Eimerware Verpackung im Eimer Meisenknödel Gekupack


Labels fulfil a wide variety of pur­poses and are available in countless vari­ations for the most diverse areas of applic­ation. In addition to pack­aging instruc­tions and product inform­ation in accordance with legal require­ments, labels offer the pos­sib­ility of branding products and applying indi­vidual designs or sales-pro­moting product inform­ation. The diversity of pack­aging types requires a wide variety of label types — for buckets, cartons and net pack­aging, for example. Various types of labels are com­patible with our machines; the most common types of labelling include stand-up labels or wine glass labels in a wide variety of designs, as well as labels from weld to weld as a ban­derole for net pack­aging, and adhesive labels for tubular bags, buckets and cartons.




With our net sealing machines, resource-saving net pack­aging made of renewable raw materials paired with com­postable labels can be realised.

Adhesive labels 

In addition to pack­aging products, our hol­istic solu­tions also include cor­res­ponding com­ponents for labelling bags, buckets and cartons. 

Wine-glass labels 

Realise your indi­vidual net pack­aging with expressive labels in various materials such as PLA, HDPE or PP — without metal clips thanks to our ultra­sonic welding technology. 

Stegetikett rote Zwiebeln
Stegetikett für Orangen im Netz
Karton Karten Etikett