The ideal weigher for your product

Mul­tihead Weigher BASIC

The standard version of the round mul­tihead weighers is suitable for various applic­a­tions. Products in the range of 15 g — 2 kg can be weighed with a high accuracy without any problems. The mul­tihead weigher is available in various ver­sions, e.g. as a 10- or 14-head weigher.

Mehrkopfwaage multihead weigher 10-kopf 14-kopf 20-kopf Waage Gekupack

Mul­tihead Weigher PLUS

The mul­tihead weigher PLUS is a further devel­opment of the basic version. The more powerful extension is equipped with a camera system, for example, which makes it easier to monitor the feeding area. The round head scale is available in dif­ferent versions.

Mehrkopfwaage mit kamerabasiertem Überwachungssystem Multihead weigher canbus

Pre­cision Weigher MINI

This round-head weigher is a high-pre­cision 14-head weigher with which products in the range of 0.5 — 50 g can be dosed. Despite the high speeds, an enormous accuracy in the range of 30 mg is guar­anteed. This is cur­rently one of the most precise scales in the world.

Präzisionswaage MINI High Dream Machine Gekupack

Mul­tihead Weigher COMPACT

The COMPACT series of mul­tihead weighers is char­ac­terized by its name-giving compact design and the use of filigree, very precise parts and weighing com­ponents. This qual­ifies the com­bin­ation weighers excel­lently for weighing bulk material to low weights up to 300 g (higher weights pos­sible with mul­tiple dis­charge) at an accuracy of +/- 0.2 — 1 g.

Kompakte Mehrkopfwaage für kleine Gewichte

Mul­tihead Weigher MEMORY

The Memory mul­tihead weighers have been spe­cially developed for cre­ating mix­tures from several com­ponents. The products are fed in sep­ar­ately from above via a transport system. Depending on the number of dif­ferent products to be mixed, a 24- or 30-head weigher is used.

Mehrkopfwaage 30-Kopf für Dosieren und Mischungen

Mul­tihead Weigher LARGE

The large-volume mul­tihead weighers have been spe­cially developed for large products — espe­cially the dosing of salad packs — and is suitable for chunky products and leaf products and target weights up to 5 kg.

14-Kopf 14-head multi head weigher mehrkopfwaage salat groß großvolumig gekupack

Linear Weighers

Linear weighers are designed for dosing granular material. We often use 2‑head and 4‑head weighers in our systems, but other variants are also available. 

Linearwaage lineare Mehrkowpfwaage 2-Kopf 4-Kopf 6-Kopf 8-Kopf multi head weigher high dream

Mul­tihead Weighers are available from us as round-head weigher or linear weigher. The prin­ciple behind both variants is similar. The material to be dosed is fed into the mul­tihead weigher from above, which is then trans­ported into the external con­tainers via vibrating chutes. For each dosing process, the machine auto­mat­ically determines the con­tainer com­bin­ation that shows the highest agreement with the spe­cified target value. These con­tainers are then opened — the product is weighed. Mul­tihead weighers enable weighing oper­a­tions to be carried out at high speeds with low tol­er­ances. They are used in almost every industry where material is to be weighed and then packaged — for example, in the food or animal feed industries.

About Round Head Weighers The name is based on the cir­cular arrangement of the storage con­tainers, which are filled with the material to be dis­pensed from above via a feed system. We offer numerous variants in dif­ferent designs of round-head weighers. Both dry and moist as well as fresh and irreg­u­larly shaped materials can be dosed.

About Linear Weighers: In linear mul­tihead weighers, the weighing hoppers are arranged par­allel to each other in a row. In more complex linear machines, several rows of weighing con­tainers can be arranged one above the other. Linear weighers are designed for dosing dry, granular materials, such as rice or nuts.

We carry various mul­tihead weighers that can be used to pre­cisely dose or mix almost any product — whether powdery, granular or irreg­u­larly shaped materials, whether larger quant­ities for bagged goods or the highest pre­cision in the microgram range: we will find the right weigher for your needs.

Mul­tihead weighers are available in countless designs: Linear and round-head weighers, 10, 14 or more heads, dif­ferent sizes of weighing hoppers, plain or checker plate, etc. Depending on your product and the respective pack size, as well as the sens­it­ivity of your products, we select the best one for you from the mul­titude of options. Get in touch with us!