Hori­zontal & Ver­tical Form Fill & Seal Machines

In con­trast to single-bag machines, form-fill-seal machines are not loaded with indi­vidual bags but with a roll on which there is a long film. This is shaped, filled and sealed during the pack­aging process. This allows high speeds to be achieved. Our product range includes various types of form, fill and seal machines — we offer both hori­zontal and ver­tical form, fill and seal machines.

Hori­zontal Flow Pack Wrapping Machines

In hori­zontal form fill and seal machines, the packaged goods are trans­ported into the machine via a hori­zontal con­veyor belt. There it is con­veyed into a half tube and then packed. We have a large rep­er­toire of form fill and seal machines and will find the right machine for your project.

Horizontale Schlauchbeutelmaschine Lafer Cosmic Gekupack

Ver­tical Form Fill and Seal Machines

In ver­tical form fill and seal machines, the product to be packaged is fed into the pack­aging machine from above via a dosing unit. The product then goes dir­ectly into the half-tube and is packaged. Feel free to contact us if you are planning to implement a form fill and seal machine.

Schlauchbeutelmaschine Vertikal Irta Gekupack