GKV 7000

The GKV 7000 is a tried and tested press for the pro­duction of fat balls / suet balls that is in use all over the world. Standard ver­sions for the pro­duction of fat balls in 90 g, 250 g and 500 g are available. Other sizes are available on request.

Meisenknoedelpresse Fat Ball Press Knoedelpresse von Gekupack

More Inform­ation

The GKV 7000 is the world’s most fre­quently used press for the pro­duction of fat balls. The standard version is designed for pro­ducing dump­lings with a dia­meter of approx. 56 mm, which cor­res­ponds to a weight of approx. 90 g. The cycle output is up to 40 cycles per minute, which is equi­valent to 80 standard suet balls. The output depends on the raw materials used and the con­sistency of the dough.


In addition to the standard size of 56 mm with a weight of approx. 90 g, further ver­sions of the GKV 7000 are available for fat ball weights of approx. 250 g or 500 g. 


Optional com­ponents, such as frame weighers for mon­it­oring the amount of dough in the machine, are available for auto­mated control of the dough feed. 


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