Counting Machines

Our fully auto­matic counting machines have been developed for the precise counting of lumpy goods. Various models are available for dif­ferent applic­a­tions, e.g. 3- or 6‑lane counting machines for buckets or carton packs or as counting unit for dosing the products for net sealing, flow wrapping or single bag machines.

Zählmaschine GKV 2412

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Gekupack® has developed counting machines for various product areas. The products are con­veyed via vibratory chutes or, where the sens­it­ivity of the product does not allow the use of vibratory chutes, via con­veyor belts or turntable units. All machines are equipped with freely pro­gram­mable con­trols. The products are fed into the machine via an infeed and then reliably sep­arated by vibration in the 3 or 6 par­allel con­veyor lanes. The purpose of the two chutes arranged one behind the other is to sep­arate the products. The lower chute runs faster than the other. Thus, the products are sep­arated and can be counted reliably.


The counting is done by means of reflex light sensors. As soon as the set number of pieces has been reached, the filling process is stopped by the activated retaining flaps and the next count is started. The machine can be com­bined with com­mer­cially available auto­matic closing machines such as net sealing machines or tubular and indi­vidual bag machines.


Our counting machines have been spe­cially developed for counting chunky goods. Fre­quent examples of applic­a­tions are bakery and con­fec­tionery products, such as rolls, wrapped chocolate balls or chocolate eggs, or even chocolate talers and other flat or round, chunky products. Fur­thermore, the optical counting machines are used for counting fat balls. In addition, many other product examples are conceivable.


The counting machines are used either as an upstream unit for counting products for net or tubular or single bag machines, but can also be equipped with a device for auto­matic or semi-auto­matic pail and carton filling and sealing systems.



Cus­tomised special solutions

If our standard solu­tions are not suitable for your product, we are able to develop cus­tomised special solu­tions. Please feel free to contact us in this regard.


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