Filling and sealing machines for indi­vidual bags

Single pouch machines are loaded with pre-made pouches, such as doypacks or stand-up pouches, which are filled and sealed by the machine. The pos­sible applic­a­tions are extremely varied. With our single pouch machines, you can pack powdery products such as flours and granular materials such as coffee beans, seeds or con­fec­tionery as well as liquid products in pouches. Our linear and rotary machines are not only of compact design, they are also suitable for a wide range of bag dimen­sions and bag types, such as pressure seal bags, sealing bags or flat bags and stand-up pouches. Here you will find an excerpt from our port­folio. Feel free to contact us, we will be glad to advise you! 


Servo Linear Doypack Machine

With this single-bag machine you can pack your product in stand-up pouches. The bags are trans­ported into the machine via a feed system, picked up and opened there, filled and, if necessary, inflated with a (pro­tective) gas, then closed and sealed. The machine is available in dif­ferent ver­sions for various bag dimensions.

servogesteuerte Einzelbeutelmaschine für Doypack Standbodenbeutel Druckverschlussbeutel Schweißbeutel

Linear Single Bag Machine

This filling and closing machine is based on the same oper­ating prin­ciple as the Servo Linear Doypack Machine, but is also com­patible with larger pouches. The filled product packs are dis­charged lat­erally. The pouches are fed in via the left-hand magazine. The machine is available in dif­ferent ver­sions for bags with a width of 80 — 350 mm and a length of 200 — 650 mm.

Leistungsstarke Maschine für Beutelverpackungen