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We, GK Indus­tries GmbH, are an innov­ative company and develop, man­u­facture and sell machines and systems in the pack­aging industry. If you would like to become part of our team and are looking for new chal­lenges, please take a look at our job offers. Do not hes­itate to send us your spec­u­lative applic­ation if no suitable pos­ition is cur­rently advertised. We look forward to receiving your application!

Aus­b­ildung zum Mechat­roniker (m/w/d) in Kal­ten­kirchen ab August 2024



The range of activ­ities as a mechat­ronics tech­nician is par­tic­u­larly varied at our company. The variety of machines and systems ensures that the working day is exciting — monotony is out of place here.

As a mechat­ronics tech­nician, you will be entrusted with the mech­anical pro­duction of machines as well as pneu­matics and elec­trics. In addition, you will couple machines into com­plete systems and set them up at our cus­tomers’ sites. 

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Own tool trolley with high quality tools
  • Diver­sified tasks
  • Cre­ative freedom and active involvement in projects
  • Short decision-making pro­cesses, no bureaucracy
  • Relaxed, casual working atmosphere
  • Expenses for assembly work
  • Devel­opment possibilities
  • 30 days vacation
  • and much more

If you work reliably and care­fully, are a team player and motivated, and have com­pleted training as a mechat­ronics tech­nician or have a com­parable qual­i­fic­ation and are keen to make a career change — then we look forward to receiving your applic­ation by post, e‑mail or con­veni­ently via our online portal.

There are cur­rently no vacancies advertised, but this does not mean that we reject applic­a­tions across the board. On the con­trary: we look forward to receiving your spec­u­lative application!

Our core com­petence lies in the devel­opment and man­u­facture of pack­aging machines and not in the pro­duction of parts. Nev­er­theless, we man­u­facture many com­ponents and spare parts for our machines and systems and maintain our own pro­duction area (espe­cially turning and milling) in our pro­duction hall. Part-time or mini-jobs are therefore possible.

There are cur­rently no vacancies advertised, but this does not mean that we reject applic­a­tions across the board. On the con­trary: we look forward to receiving your spec­u­lative application!

As a service employee, you are entrusted with the task of assem­bling, com­mis­sioning, main­taining and repairing the machines and systems dir­ectly at the customer’s premises. In addition, you will support the team at our loc­ation in Kal­ten­kirchen in man­u­fac­turing the machines and systems when there is no service call.



Das Handwerk. We train.

About the job:

The pro­fession of mechat­ronics engineer com­bines 2 exciting, prom­ising pro­fes­sions in one — mechat­ronics engineers build complex mechat­ronic systems from mech­anical and elec­trical com­ponents. The indi­vidual com­ponents are assembled into modules. In addition to pure mech­anics, control (elec­trics, pneu­matics) is of great importance in the age of auto­mation. As a mechat­ronics tech­nician, you not only carry out assembly work, but also carry out wiring and pro­gramming of con­trols. You always work with tech­nical con­struction drawings and circuit diagrams.

Why you should become a mechat­ronics engineer with us: 

As a mechat­ronics tech­nician, you will never be bored with us. You work in a young but extremely exper­i­enced team and produce a wide variety of machines and systems. Due to our cus­tomer-ori­ented approach, indi­vidual machines are often designed, so that variety is guar­anteed in everyday life. When the machines are ready for delivery, you can accompany the team on assembly to the cus­tomer to gain even more experience.

What you bring with you:

  • Strong interest in mech­anical and plant engineering
  • Sec­ondary school leaving certificate
  • Reli­ab­ility, dili­gence and sense of responsibility
  • Dex­terity and good eye-hand coordination
  • Basic tech­nical knowledge
  • Ability to work in a team
This is what we offer:
  • Training close to the job
  • Accom­pa­nying assembly and service assignments
  • Support in exam preparation
  • Good chances of a job
  • Young team
  • Good transport con­nec­tions via the A7 or AKN
  • Employee parking spaces
  • and much more



Would you like to com­plete a school or work internship in the mech­anical engin­eering industry? Then apply to us now!

Potential fields of activity:

  • Sales
  • Con­struction
  • Assembly
  • Pro­duction