Our solu­tions for your success

We have an extensive rep­er­toire of high-per­formance netting machines for various applic­a­tions. The product family of our netting machines is con­tinu­ously being expanded and optimised. For years, we have pre­dom­in­antly used a modern ultra­sonic tech­nology and have developed into the leading pro­viders in this field.

As early as 1994, GK Indus­tries GmbH man­u­fac­tured net sealing machines in which the mesh is welded by ultra­sound. It is no further additive (such as a wire clip) is necessary so that a species-pure mono-pack­aging can be ensured, which is very well recyc­lable. In addition to poly­ethylene, various bio-plastics, e.g. from maize or sugar cane, are also suitable as netting material. Feel free to contact us about your pack­aging project!

Ver­tical Machines

Our powerful ver­tical mesh welding machines are available in dif­ferent ver­sions for diverse applic­a­tions and are spe­cially adapted to your needs.

Vertikale Ultraschall Netzschweißmaschine Netzverpackung ohne Clip Metallclip Drahtclip Gekupack

Hori­zontale Maschinen

The GKV 6900 is our first hori­zontal pack­aging machine and enables a par­tic­u­larly gentle pack­aging process for sus­ceptible products such as courgettes.

Horizontale Netzmaschine Ultraschall Netzschweißmaschine Netzverpackung ohne Clip Metallclip Drahtclip Gekupack

Auto­matic Sleeving Machine

The GKV 3300 has been developed for the mech­anical mounting of extruded nets on exchangeable filling tubes of the net welding machines.

Netzaufzieher Netzaufziehgerät Netzaufziehmaschine Netzmaschine GKV 3300 Gekupack

Semi Auto­matic Ultra­sonic Sealing Machine

The GKV 6650 is a semi-auto­matic net sealer developed as a tab­letop machine. It is suitable for occa­sional pack­aging in single-species net pack­aging without a metal clip.

Halbautomatische Ultraschall-Netzschweißmaschine GKV 6650 Gekupackj

Semi Auto­matic Double Clipper

The GKV 2207 is a semi-auto­matic table-top machine for clipped net pack­aging. It is equipped with the powerful Gekupack® clipping head. The hand-held unit was developed for occa­sional pack­aging in smaller quantities.

Netzclipper manuell Netzclipautomat Netzclipmaschine Netzverpackung Gekupack

Clip Head for Wire Closure

The heart of every net clipper with wire closure is the clip head. It was developed by the Wick­er­sheim company, but Gekupack® has been the exclusive pro­ducer for many years. We are proud to be able to offer our cus­tomers the clip heads, which have been tried and tested thou­sands of times, in various designs in tested quality. You will find our clip head in machines of the brands Wick­er­sheim, Wickers, Atro, Saclark, Sala, Manter, Volmpack, Gil­len­kirch, Upmann and many more. 


Do you need spare parts or are you inter­ested in our clip head system? Then enquire dir­ectly with the man­u­fac­turer now.

Clipkopf Drahtclipper Netz Clipper Netzclipper Gekupack