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Are you looking for a cost-effective second-hand pack­aging machine or mul­tihead weigher? Or are you looking for a new machine that can be delivered at short notice? Then you have come to the right place. On this page, in addition to current new stock machines and demon­stration models, we also present refur­bished machines from our port­folio that we can deliver at short notice. Test runs with your products are also pos­sible at our location.

Wir streben an, stetig einen gewissen Teil unseres umfan­greichen Sor­ti­ments als Best­ands­maschinen vorzuhalten, um zum einen kur­z­fristig Tests durch­führen zu können und zum anderen auch in Zeiten unter­brochener Liefer­ketten schnell hand­lungs­fähig zu sein. Darüber hinaus nehmen regel­mäßig Maschinen an uns zurück – bspw. im Tausch gegen ein neues Modell -, über­holen diese und bieten sie anschließend hier als Geb­raucht­maschine an. Nehmen Sie gerne Kontakt zu uns auf, wenn für Sie ein passendes Modell dabei ist oder Sie unsere Maschinen mit Ihren Produkten an unserem Standort in Kal­ten­kirchen (Schleswig-Hol­stein) testen möchten.


Gebrauchte Mehrkopfwaage Riffelblech 14-Kopf

14-head Mul­tihead Weigher (checker plate)

Used, gen­erally over­hauled mul­tihead weigher with 14 hoppers (3 litres). Test under power also pos­sible with your product at short notice. Also available in com­bin­ation with platform.

servogesteuerte Einzelbeutelmaschine für Doypack Standbodenbeutel Druckverschlussbeutel Schweißbeutel

Servo Linear Doypack Machine

New filling & closing machine for pre-made single bags (picture similar). 

14-head Mul­tihead Weigher

New mul­tihead weigher with 14 weighing hoppers (3 litres). Test under power also pos­sible with your product at short notice. Also available in com­bin­ation with platform.

Präzisionswaage MINI High Dream Machine Gekupack

High Pre­cision Weigher Mini

New high-pre­cision multi-head weigher (14-head) for extremely accurate dosing of small, light­weight products such as tea and tobacco, cigarette filters, small fasteners (e.g. screws, washers and nuts), tablets or cap­sules and much more. Tests on site with your products pos­sible at short notice.

ultrasonic Net Welding Machine Net Packaging Netting Machine

Ultra­sonic Net Sealing Machine GKV 6000–4 incl. Labeltrans­portsystem GKV 6760

Powerful ultra­sonic net sealing machine for packing of small snacks or similar in nets with wine­glass label (sus­tainable pure mono-packing). 

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Why used machines?

A used machine can come back into our hands for many reasons, among the most common of which is probably the expansion or renewal of our cus­tomers’ machinery. If a more powerful machine is available, the pre­de­cessor is often replaced by it in order to gen­erate a higher power density on the existing area. However, it can also happen that machines lose per­formance or even become defective after intensive and long use. If no repair is to be carried out, the machine is often replaced.


As a matter of prin­ciple, we try to avoid dis­posing of machines just because they are defective or because newer models have become available in the meantime. Espe­cially at a time when society’s expect­a­tions of envir­on­mental pro­tection by com­panies and private indi­viduals are con­stantly increasing, the extension of the product life cycle is becoming more important. With this in mind, we try to recon­dition machines wherever pos­sible and then put them back into circulation.


We man­u­facture our machines and plants according to the highest quality standards and take equal care when it comes to refur­bishing used machines. Defective com­ponents are replaced with new ones, wear parts are exchanged and traces of use are largely removed. As a result, the recon­di­tioned machines often resemble the new machines and are also often tech­nically improved, so that we can often offer our cus­tomers with a lower budget the right second-hand machine.

Various used machines

If our cus­tomers wish to trade in their machines and there is no reason why we should not do so, we will accept almost all machines. However, we can only accept machines from other com­panies in special cases — for example, as spare parts donors or similar — but please do not hes­itate to contact us. 

In addition to pack­aging machines for net pack­aging, stand-up pouches, indi­vidual pouches or tubular pouches, you will also find machines for weighing, dosing or counting packaged goods, such as mul­tihead weighers (espe­cially round head weighers) or counting machines. In addition, we have an extensive range of products espe­cially for the pro­duction of wild bird feed, such as fat balls (tit dump­lings) or feeding sticks. But our port­folio also includes transport systems, i.e. con­veyor tech­nology ele­ments such as ascending con­veyors, bucket elev­ators and more.