Cus­tomised pack­aging solutions

Are you looking for a spe­cialised contact for pack­aging machines such as form fill and seal machines and single bag machines, mul­tihead weighers as well as net sealing machines? Or are you looking for a man­u­fac­turer of machines for the bird feed industry? Then you have come to the right place. 

With well over 30 years of exper­ience in the pack­aging industry, we are able to offer our cus­tomers the optimum pack­aging machine or system for a wide range of pack­aging pro­jects. In addition to machines for tubular bags, stand-up pouches or other bag types, our port­folio also includes ultra­sonic machines for species-pure net pack­aging without metal clips, mul­tihead weighers and counting machines, transport systems and com­ponents to com­plete lines, as well as various solu­tions for the pro­duction of wild bird feed, in par­ticular the pro­duction of fat balls.


Auger Fillers

Mul­tihead Weighers

Mehrkopfwaage mit kamerabasiertem Überwachungssystem Multihead weigher canbus

Counting Machines

Zählmaschine für Brötchen Stückgut Schokolade Meisenknödel Gekupack GK Industries

Pack­aging Machines For Pre-Made Bags

servogesteuerte Einzelbeutelmaschine für Doypack Standbodenbeutel Druckverschlussbeutel Schweißbeutel

Flow Pack Wrapping Machines

Schlauchbeutelmaschine Vertikal Irta Gekupack

Net Pack­aging Machines

Vertikale Ultraschall Netzschweißmaschine Netzverpackung ohne Clip Metallclip Drahtclip Gekupack


Laying Machine GKV 4012

Auflegemaschine GKV 4012 Gekupack

Fat Ball Press GKV 7000

Meisenknoedelpresse Fat Ball Press Knoedelpresse von Gekupack
Mehrkopfwaage Produktmischungen 30-Kopf Waage Rundkopfwaage

Pack­aging tech­nology is our passion

Since 1989, the Gekupack® team of GK Indus­tries GmbH has been oper­ating in the pack­aging industry and has realised countless pro­jects — from simple hand-held devices with manual oper­ation to complex systems with a high degree of auto­mation. Thus, the port­folio now includes solu­tions for pack­aging in a wide variety of pack­aging types made from a wide variety of pack­aging materials: From dis­posable pack­aging and transport pack­aging in cartons to sales pack­aging in trays, sus­tainable net pack­aging and pouch pack­aging to reusable pack­aging such as buckets. Learn more about selected examples of pack­aging types…

Cus­tomised pack­aging machines and lines

With the cus­tomised pack­aging machines and systems from Gekupack®, we are able to offer our cus­tomers the matching machines for almost all product areas and con­cerns. In addition to dry, granular products such as powder and flours and grains, dog food and flakes, moist, irreg­u­larly shaped, frozen products such as fruits and veget­ables (e.g. lemons, garlic, brussel sprouts), seeds, meat products and frozen goods (chicken parts, fish, BARF) are also dosed and packaged. Our solu­tions are also par­tic­u­larly suitable for the non-food industry, so that packaged goods such as tobacco, cigarette filters and fasteners (screws, nuts, washers) can also be dosed and packaged. Learn more about our industry solu­tions and the applic­ation areas of our machines…

Counting machines, mul­tihead weighers, bagging machines & more

With the ver­satile counting and dosing systems from Gekupack®, we open up the pos­sib­ility for our cus­tomers to portion diverse product types for the pack­aging process — depending on the product type via optical counting or weighing systems. For the down­stream pack­aging process, we make use of our broad port­folio of pack­aging machines and, in addition to net pack­aging machines, we also implement systems for card­board and bucket pack­aging, including sealing and labelling, as well as (form), filling and sealing systems for pre-made indi­vidual bags (Doypack, stand-up pouches, block-bottom bags, side-gusset bags, bottom-gusset bags, pressure-seal bags and many more) and flowpack bags. Tell us about your pack­aging vision and let us turn your ideas into reality together…