Con­veying ele­ments for your plants

In order to combine the indi­vidual machines into a com­plete system or line pro­duction, dif­ferent con­veying ele­ments are required that connect the machines with each other and ensure the material flow. In addition to con­ven­tional con­veyor tech­nology, such as roller con­veyors and belt con­veyors, these also include dust bunkers and turntables as col­lection and buffer points, bucket elev­ators or ascending con­veyors. Here you will find an overview of com­ponents from the field of con­veyor tech­nology that we reg­u­larly integrate into com­plete systems. The con­veying ele­ments meet the require­ments of food and feed processing.

You want to expand your system or are unsure which ele­ments you need to combine your machines sensibly into an effi­cient system? Use our contact form or call us and get in touch with us. We will be happy to support you with our know-how.

Working Plat­forms

Cus­tomized stainless steel work plat­forms with alu­minum hygienic floor: walk-on with stairs or as a simple platform for mul­tihead weighers and more.

Bucket elev­ators

Bucket elev­ators are mostly used by us when a mul­tihead weigher needs to be filled. The ver­tical con­veyor trans­ports the product into the hopper for filling the weigher, which is located on a platform. Under­neath the ped­estal there is usually a pack­aging machine. By using the space in height and not in width, a pack­aging line can be designed to save space.

Rotary tables

Turntables are rotating col­lection tables that are usually used at the end of a pack­aging line to collect the packaged products. The products are then removed by an operator and reposi­tioned for further steps — for example, stowed in a carton. The turntable allows uneven oper­ating speeds of the down­stream pro­cesses without dis­turbing the upstream components.


The belt con­veyor is ver­satile and makes it pos­sible to overcome height dif­fer­ences to gen­erate free areas. The material com­plies with the food standard. The belt can be cleaned with water without much effort


The S‑as­cending-con­veyor is based on the prin­ciple of the Z‑belt con­veyor, but enables addi­tional space to be gained thanks to its space-saving design.

Vibratory feeder

Vibratory con­veyors are used to convey the trans­ported goods in pre-por­tioned quant­ities into the buckets of down­stream con­veying ele­ments. In this way, excessive filling quant­ities and thus mal­func­tions or the like can be avoided.

Vibrationsfoerderer Gekupack

Screw Con­veyor

Screw con­veyor for the transport or feeding with powder, made of stainless steel. Ideal in com­bin­ation with auger fillers for pack­aging of powder.


Bunkers are used by us whenever the oper­ating speeds at two inter­con­nected work­places, where the pro­cesses are carried out either manually or auto­mat­ically, differ. It is also pos­sible to keep upstream or down­stream machines in oper­ation in the event of a malfunction.