Con­veying ele­ments for your plants

In order to combine the indi­vidual machines into a com­plete system or line pro­duction, dif­ferent con­veying ele­ments are required that connect the machines with each other and ensure the material flow. In addition to con­ven­tional con­veyor tech­nology, such as roller con­veyors and belt con­veyors, these also include dust bunkers and turntables as col­lection and buffer points, bucket elev­ators or ascending con­veyors. Here you will find an overview of com­ponents from the field of con­veyor tech­nology that we reg­u­larly integrate into com­plete systems. The con­veying ele­ments meet the require­ments of food and feed processing.

You want to expand your system or are unsure which ele­ments you need to combine your machines sensibly into an effi­cient system? Use our contact form or call us and get in touch with us. We will be happy to support you with our know-how.

Working Plat­forms

Cus­tomized stainless steel working plat­forms with handrail and hygienic alu­minum floor: As walk-on platform with floor, handrail and stairs or as a simple support frame for mul­tihead weighers and more. The walkable plat­forms allow easier access to the machines and sim­plify install­ation, cleaning and maintenance.

Arbeitsplattform Podest Gestell für Mehrkopfwaagen

Bucket Elev­ators

Z‑bucket elev­ators are ideal for con­veying bulk materials. The ver­tical rise allows for minimal space require­ments and thus allows the design of compact install­a­tions. Except for the inlet and product outlet, the elevator is com­pletely enclosed, reducing dust gen­er­ation. The bucket elev­ators convey the product gently via con­veyor trays, which are sus­pended in a chain system. The buckets can be easily removed for cleaning pur­poses via a trans­parent main­tenance flap. 

Becherelevator Becherförderer

Z Con­veyor with PU Belt

The Z‑conveyors with PU belt are suitable for both lumpy and bulky products as well as coarse and fine granular materials. The cor­rugated edge belt with cross cleats ensures gentle transport of the product. Our Z‑riser con­veyors are indi­vidually designed for the respective applic­ation, so that all dimen­sions, such as inlet and outlet height and length, belt width and angle of incline.

PU Z Conveyor

Modular Z‑Conveyor

The modular Z‑conveyors are equipped with a modular link belt made of hard plastic (PP). As any water can run off or drip off through the modular belt structure, the belts are also suitable for wet products and washing systems, among other things. The modular belts also offer a decisive advantage in terms of repair, since in the case of a defect it is not necessary to replace the entire belt in a time-con­suming process, but simply to replace the modular link at the rel­evant pos­ition. Our Z‑riser con­veyors are indi­vidually designed for the respective applic­ation so that all dimen­sions, such as infeed and outfeed height and length, belt width and angle of incline, are taken into account. 

S‑Belt Con­veyor

The S‑type ascending con­veyor is based on the prin­ciple of the modular Z‑type con­veyor, but enables addi­tional space to be gained thanks to its space-saving design. 

Take Away Conveyor

Outfeed con­veyor for the transport of fin­ished packages (bags) coming from a pack­aging machine. 

Knickförderer Auslaufband Abtransportband

Z‑Type PU Take Away Conveyor

Z‑outfeed con­veyor for the gentle dis­charge of fin­ished packs (pouches) coming from a pack­aging machine onto a rotating col­lection table, a col­lection con­tainer or a checkweigher.

Auslaufband Abtransportband

Rotary Col­lecting Table

Rotary tables or turntables are used to collect the fin­ished packs at the end of a pack­aging line. The rotary col­lecting table per­forms a buffer function and allow uneven incon­sistent speeds of the down­stream pro­cesses (sec­ondary pack­aging) to be per­mitted without causing a mal­function in the upstream components.

Rotierender Sammeltisch Drehtisch Drehteller

Vibratory feeder

Vibratory feeders are used to con­tinu­ously convey bulk products from large con­tainers into a con­veying element (e.g. bucket elevator, Z‑conveyor, etc.) in order to feed the product con­stantly into a dosing system (e.g. a mul­tihead weigher). For this purpose, the loose product is loaded into the large infeed hopper of the vibratory feeder. Depending on the down­stream con­veyor, the vibratory feeder is auto­mat­ically switched on or off and dis­charges the product evenly via a wide dis­charge chute with vibratory drive by a strong elec­tro­magnet. In this way, the vibratory feeder also per­forms a buffer function.

Screw Con­veyor for Powder

Screw con­veyor for the transport or feeding with powder, made of stainless steel. Ideal in com­bin­ation with auger fillers for pack­aging of powder.