Mul­tihead Weigher MEMORY

The Memory mul­tihead weighers have been spe­cially developed for cre­ating mix­tures from several com­ponents. The products are fed in sep­ar­ately from above via a transport system. Depending on the number of dif­ferent products to be mixed, a 24- or 30-head weigher is used.

Mehrkopfwaage 30-Kopf für Dosieren und Mischungen


The Memory mul­tihead weighers have been spe­cially developed for the pro­duction of defined product mix­tures. Up to 4 or 5 com­ponents can be dosed per weigher. Classic use cases are dry and moist products such as con­fec­tionery, flakes (e.g. cereal mixes), nuts and pasta or pet food. The weigher is com­patible with granules, discs, rolls or irreg­u­larly shaped materials such as dry and wet products like fresh and frozen products (water­proof version).

Tech­nical Information

The Memory mul­tihead weigher is available as a 24-heads or 30-heads weigher. The memory system allows the com­bin­ation pos­sib­il­ities of the indi­vidual heads to be doubled, so that the 24-head weigher func­tions like a 48-heads weigher and the 30-head weigher like a 60-heads weigher.

The Memory mul­tihead weighers are based on the control concept of the PLUS line, so the Memory weighers are also equipped with a mon­it­oring system. This ensures that the employee can monitor the product feed at any time when con­fig­uring the weigher and make adjust­ments precisely.

The Memory mul­tihead weighers are char­ac­terised by the following:

  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Power supply: 220 V 50/60 Hz
  • IP 66
  • Colour display with touch oper­ation for para­met­erisation and visualisation
  • Camera-based CAN bus mon­it­oring system for remote control
  • Hopper volume: 0.8 L
  • Topcone with vibration function for product spreading
  • Network and USB port: Network con­nection for con­necting to com­puter / ERP system
  • USB port for down­loading stat­istics and uploading/downloading software settings

There are cur­rently no bro­chures or similar available for download for this product. Please contact us in case you would like more information.

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