GKV 6900

The GKV 6900 is the first hori­zontal machine in our series of net sealing machines with ultra­sonic tech­nology. It is con­cep­tu­alised espe­cially for sens­itive products and was developed at the customer’s request for the pack­aging of courgettes.

Horizontale Netzmaschine Ultraschall Netzschweißmaschine Netzverpackung ohne Clip Metallclip Drahtclip Gekupack
About ultra­sonic net sealing machines

Market leader in the area of net sealing machines

With the imple­ment­ation of ultra­sonic welding tech­nology in a new gen­er­ation of net pack­aging machines, we at Gekupack® suc­ceeded as early as 1994 in taking a step towards species-pure pack­aging that was much respected by the industry. The ultra­sonic net sealing machines not only do without metal as a sealing material when sealing the PE net bags, but also seal the packs com­pletely and reliably without any addi­tional foreign material. The species-pure net pack­aging pro­duced in this way is thus more sus­tainable than con­ven­tional pack­aging in two respects:

  • The net is much more resource-effi­cient than solid material (film).
  • The mono pack­aging has a sig­ni­fic­antly higher recyc­lab­ility than the coun­terpart with wire clips.

Seit der Erfindung der Net­z­sch­weiß­technik auf Basis der Ultras­chall­tech­no­logie haben wir unsere Maschinen kontinu­ierlich weit­er­entwickelt – auch unter enger Ein­bindung unserer Kunden. Inzwischen sind die Net­z­sch­weißmaschinen nicht nur wesentlich eff­iz­ienter als dies zu Beginn der Fall war, was mitunter auch auf anderen tech­no­lo­gischen Erfolgen und einge­setzten Kom­pon­enten beruht, sie sind auch kom­patibel mit diversen nach­haltigen Net­zma­ter­i­alien (z. B. kom­posti­erbarem Netz). Here you can learn more about pos­sible pack­aging types and materials.

This tech­nique is used for pack­aging chunky goods such as con­fec­tionery, cheese snacks, peanuts, fat balls, lemons, garlic or onions. 

The high per­formance and reli­ab­ility of our mesh welding machines, coupled with the expertise and decades of exper­ience in building and sup­plying not only the welding machines them­selves, but also all the necessary addi­tional com­ponents to com­plete overall systems, have led to the out­standing repu­tation of Gekupack® and made GK Indus­tries the market leader in this field.


Die Anwendungs­bereiche von unseren Net­z­sch­weißmaschinen mit Ultras­chall­tech­no­logie sind äußerst vielfältig. Ver­packt werden hiermit stückige Produkte – Mehle und feines Granulat sind auf­grund der Net­z­struk­turen nicht real­is­i­erbar. Grundsätzlich sind die Maschinen sowohl für den Lebens­mittel- als auch Nicht-Lebens­mit­telsektor aus­gelegt. Zu den häufigsten Gütern, die mit den Ultras­chall-Net­z­sch­weißmaschinen ver­packt werden, zählen neben klassischen Fut­ter­kugeln bzw. Meis­en­knödeln auch Erd­nüsse oder son­stige Nuss­mis­chungen, Zitronen, Kno­blauch oder Zwiebeln sowie Käse und andere Snacks und Süßigkeiten wie Schokoladentaler, Schokoladen­kugeln und Schokoladeneier.


The GKV 6900 as a hori­zontal net sealing machine is also excel­lently suited for sens­itive products that should not receive pressure marks from gentle impacts or the like. This machine can be used to gently pack del­icate, soft or fragile goods such as cucumbers or courgettes.


If you are unsure whether net pack­aging is suitable for your products or if you too would like to benefit from the many advantages of pure pack­aging, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


At a time when reg­u­la­tions require a mul­titude of pack­aging instruc­tions and mar­keting is more important than ever before, product labelling plays a par­tic­u­larly important role. For this reason, it is of course also pos­sible to integrate labelling and label printing with a thermal transfer printer dir­ectly into the pack­aging process. For example, packs with a wineglas-label and / or a belt from seal to seal are available as an option.

Tech­nical Information

As an extremely cus­tomer- and solution-ori­ented company, we always strive to supply you with the best pos­sible pack­aging machines and systems. That is why we are always pre­pared to adapt our standard machines spe­cifically to your wishes and needs as well as to your product and the asso­ciated require­ments. As a result, the fol­lowing tech­nical details of the standard version of the GKV 6900 are not neces­sarily fixed values, but rather variable guide values. The GKV 6900 is char­ac­terised by the fol­lowing standard features:

  • Pack size up to 2.5 kg / ~ 5.5 lbs
  • Packing length infin­itely adjustable
  • Pipe dia­meter: 240 mm
  • Shaft belts running in the net tube for gentle product transport 
  • Auto­matic pipe changing system for refilling net material without machine downtime
  • Easy to service due to pull-out locking unit, e.g. for changing knives
  • Modern servo drive technology
  • Touch­screen for easy operation
  • All para­meters can be set and saved

There are cur­rently no bro­chures or similar available for download for this product. Please contact us in case you would like more information.

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