Ver­tical Net Sealing Machines

Our range of ver­tical net sealing machines with ultra­sonic welding tech­nology offers solu­tions for diverse applic­a­tions and has proven itself hun­dreds of times worldwide.

Vertikale Ultraschall Netzschweißmaschine Netzverpackung ohne Clip Metallclip Drahtclip Gekupack

About ultra­sonic net sealing machines

Market leader in the area of net sealing machines

With the imple­ment­ation of ultra­sonic welding tech­nology in a new gen­er­ation of net pack­aging machines, we at Gekupack® suc­ceeded as early as 1994 in taking a step towards species-pure pack­aging that was much respected by the industry. The ultra­sonic net sealing machines not only do without metal as a sealing material when sealing the PE net bags, but also seal the packs com­pletely and reliably without any addi­tional foreign material. The species-pure net pack­aging pro­duced in this way is thus more sus­tainable than con­ven­tional pack­aging in two respects:

  • The net is much more resource-effi­cient than solid material (film).
  • The mono pack­aging has a sig­ni­fic­antly higher recyc­lab­ility than the coun­terpart with wire clips.

Since the invention of mesh welding tech­nology based on ultra­sonic tech­nology, we have con­tinu­ously developed our machines — also with the close involvement of our cus­tomers. In the meantime, the mesh welding machines are not only much more effi­cient than they were at the beginning, which is some­times also based on other tech­no­lo­gical suc­cesses and com­ponents used, they are also com­patible with various sus­tainable mesh materials (e.g. com­postable mesh). Here you can learn more about pos­sible pack­aging types and materials.

This tech­nique is used for pack­aging chunky goods such as con­fec­tionery, cheese snacks, peanuts, fat balls, lemons, garlic or onions. 

The high per­formance and reli­ab­ility of our mesh welding machines, coupled with the expertise and decades of exper­ience in building and sup­plying not only the welding machines them­selves, but also all the necessary addi­tional com­ponents to com­plete overall systems, have led to the out­standing repu­tation of Gekupack® and made GK Indus­tries the market leader in this field.


The areas of applic­ation of the dif­ferent models of our ver­tical net sealing machines with ultra­sonic tech­nology are extremely diverse. Lumpy products are packaged with them — flours and fine granules are not feasible due to the mesh struc­tures. Basically, the machines are designed for both the food and non-food sectors. Among the most common goods packaged with the ultra­sonic net sealing machines are peanuts or other nut mix­tures, lemons, garlic or onions, as well as cheese and other snacks and sweets such as chocolate drops, chocolate balls and chocolate eggs, in addition to classic feed balls or fat balls.

Wenn Sie sich unsicher sind, ob sich Net­zver­pack­ungen für Ihre Produkte eignen oder auch Sie von den vielen Vorteilen arten­reiner Ver­pack­ungen profit­ieren wollen, dann treten Sie gerne mit uns in Kontakt. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Nachricht.


At a time when reg­u­la­tions require a mul­titude of pack­aging instruc­tions and mar­keting is more important than ever before, product labelling plays a par­tic­u­larly important role. For this reason, it is of course also pos­sible to integrate labelling and label printing with a thermal transfer printer dir­ectly into the pack­aging process. For example, packs with a wineglas-label and / or a belt from seal to seal are available as an option.

Cus­tomised special solutions

As an extremely cus­tomer- and solution-ori­ented company, we always strive to supply you with the best pos­sible pack­aging machines and systems. Therefore, we are also always ready to adapt our standard machines spe­cifically to your wishes and needs as well as to your product and the asso­ciated require­ments. As a result, the listed tech­nical details of the standard models are not neces­sarily to be under­stood as fixed sizes, but rather as variable guide values.

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