Mini Doypack Machine MDP 400

Machine series: MDP

The Mini Doypack machine is an low-cost, simple pack­aging machine for pre-made bags (doypack, block-bottom, cross-bottom bags). The machine is per­fectly suited for simple applic­a­tions in the low speed range and therefore rep­resents the ideal entry-level solution for the auto­mation of the pack­aging process.

More Inform­ation

The Mini Doypack machine is a pack­aging machine for pre-made pouches and impresses with an excellent price-per­formance ratio. The MDP 400 is our most affordable pack­aging machine for pre-made pouches and is ideal for simple applic­a­tions in the low speed range. This makes the MDP 400 the optimal entry-level solution when it comes to auto­mating manual pack­aging processes.

The machine is loaded with bags via a bag magazine posi­tioned above the machine. The machine takes the bags out of the magazine, opens the zipper and transfers the bags to the filling station. There the bags are opened by suction cups, the filling hopper is lowered and the product is filled into the bag. To ensure that the product is evenly spread in the bag and that it does not form a pyramid-like structure, the bag is tapped from below with a pneu­mat­ically driven shaker. After filling, the bag is sealed and released. The bags can then be trans­ported via an optional con­veyor belt to a rotary col­lecting table or into a col­lecting container. 

The machine is equipped with trans­parent side panels, allowing the filling process to be optimally mon­itored and faults to be optimally rec­tified thanks to the easier access­ib­ility. The design also enables uncom­plicated cleaning.

Due to the fact that all control ele­ments and mech­anical, elec­trical com­ponents are mounted on the (rear) side, the packaged goods do not come into contact with them.

The machine has the highest level of pro­tection to ensure the safety of the operator.


The MDP 400 single bag machine is optimally suited for pack­aging granular products up to a maximum pack­aging weight of 3 kg. Examples of applic­a­tions are the pack­aging of coarse seeds, coffee beans, (chocolate) lentils, sugar tablets, nuts and other snacks, rice or pet food, such as pellets, small reward snacks (e.g. extrudates) and dry food as well as cereals and many other products. The use cases are enorm­ously varied, feel free to contact us about your needs. 

Are you unsure whether this machine is suitable for your product and your bags? Then contact us now, we will be happy to help you.

Tech­nical Information
  • Max. Rated speed: 9 bags per minute (The speed depends on the product to be packed, the quantity and the bag specifications). 

Further tech­nical details will follow.


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