Servo Linear Doypack Machine

Machine series: V‑INBAG (SERVO) Mini Linear

The series of servo-con­trolled, linear single-bag machines has a straight-line design, which facil­itates access­ib­ility for troubleshooting and cleaning. The machine is available in dif­ferent variants for dif­ferent bag types. 

servogesteuerte Einzelbeutelmaschine für Doypack Standbodenbeutel Druckverschlussbeutel Schweißbeutel
More Inform­ation

The machine is loaded with bags via the feed system on the left-hand side. The bags are opened and inflated indi­vidually, the dosed products are filled in and then packed. Zip closures can be opened and closed in the process. Each station in the filling process can be con­trolled indi­vidually via the touch display.


The machine has a straight-line design and is equipped with trans­parent side panels. This allows the filling process to be optimally mon­itored and faults to be optimally remedied thanks to the facil­itated access­ib­ility. The design also enables uncom­plicated cleaning.


Since all control ele­ments and mech­anical com­ponents are mounted on the back, the packaged goods do not come into contact with them.


The machine has the highest level of pro­tection to ensure the safety of the operator.


The single bag machine is com­patible with a wide range of bags.  Products such as coffee, nuts, rice, flours, snacks or pet food are often packed with the servo-con­trolled indi­vidual bag machines. The areas of applic­ation are diverse, feel free to contact us about your needs. 


Are you unsure whether this machine is suitable for your product and your bags? Then contact us now, we will be happy to help you.

Tech­nical Information
  • Max. Rated speed: 15 bags per minute (The speed depends on the product to be packed, the quantity and the bag spe­cific­a­tions. Speeds higher than 15 BPM are possible).

Further tech­nical details will follow.

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