Mul­tihead Weigher LARGE

The large-volume mul­tihead weighers have been spe­cially developed for large products — espe­cially the dosing of salad packs — and is suitable for chunky products and leaf products.

14-Kopf 14-head multi head weigher mehrkopfwaage salat groß großvolumig gekupack

10 Heads Weigher LARGE 5 L 
up to 50 WPM
10 Heads Weigher LARGE 7,5 L 
up to 70 WPM
14 Heads Weigher LARGE 5 L 
up to 70 WPM
16 Heads Weigher LARGE 7,5 L 
up to 100 WPM

he mul­tihead weighers of the LARGE series have been spe­cially developed for packing salad and are ideal for large-volume products. The weighers are suitable for dosing various products, such as lettuce, veget­ables and bread, agri­cul­tural products, charcoal or ice cubes and much more.


Are you unsure which mul­tihead weigher is the right machine for dosing your products? Please feel free to contact us with your request.

Tech­nical Information

Die Mehrkop­fwaagen der LARGE – Serie sind als mit 10, 14 oder 16 Köpfen erhältlich. Sie zeichnen sich durch fol­gende Merkmale aus:

  • Increased hopper volume (5 or 7.5 L)
  • Stronger vibration components
  • Enlarged opening flaps
  • Adjustable, rotating topcone: Even dis­tri­bution of leafy products such as lettuce leaves possible
  • Wägebereich: 25 – 5.000 g
  • Power supply: 220 V 50/60 Hz; 2 kW

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