Semi-Auto­matic Ultra­sonic Net Pack­gaing Machine GKV 6650 

The GKV 6650 is the ultra­sonic-based coun­terpart to the semi-auto­matic wire clipper GKV 2207. The model GKV 6650 seals mesh materials using our proven ultra­sonic tech­nology. This hand-held device realises species-clean pack­aging without wire clipping.

Halbautomatische Ultraschall Netzschweißmaschine GKV 6650
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The GKV 6650 is a semi-auto­matic machine for pack­aging lumpy goods in weldable nets, such as arti­ficial casing cater­pillars, garlic, birdseed, cheese snacks, etc. The products are manually filled into weldable PE or com­postable PLA net material (endless or pre­fab­ricated bags) and then securely welded using ultra­sound without the addition of foreign material. In the same oper­ation, the sealed bags are sep­arated by a pneu­mat­ically driven knife. The sealing unit is designed as a table-top unit and is con­nected to the control system by a pro­tective hose. This allows the machine to be flexibly integ­rated into an existing pro­duction line.


The semi-auto­matic ultra­sonic netting machine is suitable for the manual pack­aging of various products in PE or PLA netting. Examples of applic­a­tions include onions, garlic, oranges and other fruits or veget­ables, as well as con­fec­tionery and plastic parts and much more. 


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