GKV 3300 Tube Loader

The GKV 3300 sup­ports the quick change of net tubes of our net machines. The stringing device was developed to prevent machine downtime caused by manual loading nets on filling tubes and enables uncom­plicated, fast tube loading.

Netzaufziehmaschine, TUbe Loader, Net Sleeving Machine, GKV 3130
Working Prin­ciple

The GKV 3300 is intu­itive to operate and enables the net coming from the roll to be spooled onto the empty tube quickly, reliably and fully auto­mat­ically. For this purpose, the empty net tube is inserted by the operator into the net tube holder of the GKV 3300, the net winding top cone is placed on the upper tube end, the net is pushed onto the tube and the auto­matic process is started.


The two rubber rollers, driven sep­ar­ately by motors, are pressed pneu­mat­ically against the tube and wind the net evenly and gently onto the tube. At defined intervals (the number can be set by the operator), the winding process stops and the two rollers push the net down. This ensures that the maximum amount of net can be evenly spooled onto the pipe.


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