Linear Pack­aging Machine for Side Gusset Bags

Machine series: Linepack

The machines in the Linepack series have been spe­cially developed for pack­aging powder, gran­ulate and chunky goods in pre-made side gus­seted bags and are used for pack­aging charcoal, animal feed / pet food, potatoes, onions and much more.

Leistungsstarke Maschine für Beutelverpackungen

More Inform­ation

The machine is loaded with bags via a bag magazine with a capacity of 50–100 bags (depending on bag dimen­sions and material thickness). The bags are opened and inflated indi­vidually, the dosed products are filled in and then packed. Zip closures can be opened and closed in the process. Each station in the filling process can be con­trolled indi­vidually via the touch display.

The machine has a straight-line design and is equipped with trans­parent side panels. This allows the filling process to be optimally mon­itored and faults to be optimally remedied thanks to the facil­itated access­ib­ility. The design also enables uncom­plicated cleaning.

Since all control ele­ments and mech­anical com­ponents are mounted on the rear or left side, the packaged goods do not come into contact with them.

The machine has a high level of pro­tection to ensure the safety of the operator.


The single bag machine is com­patible with a wide range of bags. Products such as coffee, nuts, rice, flours, snacks or pet food are often packed with the indi­vidual bag machines. The areas of applic­ation are diverse, feel free to contact us about your needs. 

Tech­nical Information

Tech­nical details will follow.

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