Whenever products from the food or non-food industry need to be packaged in pure mesh pack­aging without wire clips, we are your contact. With the imple­ment­ation of ultra­sonic welding tech­nology in 1994, we at Gekupack® suc­ceeded in taking a step that was much respected in the industry. Through con­tinuous further devel­opment, we have been able to become the market leader in this segment since the invention and can now offer our cus­tomers ver­satile machines for the pack­aging of various products in single-species pack­aging without wire clips.

In addition to fruits and veget­ables, our machines are also used to pack cheese snacks and numerous chocolate products such as chocolate thalers, chocolate eggs and chocolate balls in nets. Fur­thermore, various other products are packed in nets with our machines, such as milk or coffee cap­sules, juice bottles, plastic parts and many more. 

Darüber hinaus bieten wir unseren Kunden maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für die unter­schied­lichsten Anwendungs­bereiche – so z. B. das Wiegen und Zählen bzw. Dosieren oder Por­tionieren von Produkten, das Ver­packen in Beuteln, Eimern, Kartons oder Netzen.

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